Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Magic Of May

At the beginning of April I had every intention of posting on my blog several times a month. However, with art work and establishing my kitchen and apothecary garden I have been a little distracted. I am planning to (work permitting)  post regularly on the subject of the garden as this will, over time, be contributing to my shop in the form of natural home grown plants that will be used in my balms,soaps and brews.  I am hoping this will eventually make a more authentic product.  I am also working on a little experiment in lunar gardening. I'm not sure how this will progress - but it will be an interesting time... improving the condition of the plants, the growth time and the potency so that the beauty products will be the best that I can make them.

In the meantime I am turning my attention back to the web and updating the shops,sites and blog posts.

Well May is finally here! It has to be one of my favourite times of year. A time of anticipation and excitement.
The greenwood is at its freshest - dazzling us with an array of vibrant green hues before the summer heat begins to wilt the leaves. The colours are delicate and cool with my favourite flower bluebells carpeting the woodland floors and turning them to a sea of blue.

May also has some of the most powerful symbolism of the year. Anything that represents fertility is as important for us today as it was for ancient peoples.  Of course fertility is vital for life - for the crops, for animals and for us and we still celebrate it with May Day or Beltane as it is know in the pagan/Wicca world.
We have all experienced some kind of symbolism around the bank holiday!  I remember Maypoles in my village and the traditional choosing of the May Queen -  the Maypole representing the sexual union between man and woman.
In symbolism, the God joins the Goddess ( who has now taken on the role of mother and giver of life) in marriage. ( The Great Rite).  They are equal!

Many people choose to renew wedding vows at this time of year or take part in a handfasting, an ancient ceremony that binds two people together for a given length of time - such as for a year and a day or for life.  This ritual is the origin of the saying tying the knot.

Oh but do be careful what you wish for's also a time when the spirits and Fae folk are at their most mischievous.  They take great pleasure in playing tricks on us unfortunate mortals!

So with all these customs and playfulness and with the nights still getting lighter as we edge closer to Midsummer how could you not love magical May.

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