Monday, 11 April 2011

Team Handmade UK - Home Is Where The Heart Is

Team Handmade UK

This is my second showcase of the year and I have decided to feature a new group of artists and crafters that are all UK based. It's a group set up by Pepper Pi  ( you can find her shop link below )  that is entirely independent of any online shop - though everyone sells through some kind of shop such as Etsy or Folksy. The aim of the group (of which I am a part) is to promote each others work and provide much needed support and advice for those of us who spend a lot of time selling online and don't always have the chance to meet people face to face.

I have handpicked a few items to give you a flavour of what we all do. There is such a diversity of styles and products that I'm sure anyone reading this blog will find something inspirational. All the pictures have links to the artists shops and you can also find the team link for the blog at the top of this feature.

Hope you like my selection and remember if you like the features in my blog you can follow me or comment.

Alison Moore Designs

Tinkan Designs

Little Wren Pottery

Sally Holt

Pepper Pi Pals


  1. Yay to Team Handmade UK! Thanks for doing this lovely post :)

    Clair W

  2. Lovely blog and thanks for the mention! I adore your artwork :)

  3. Thanks so much! It was a pleasure doing the post :)