Monday 16 January 2012

January Updates And Links

Well it's January again and I'm feeling a little deflated after moving house and a rather strange Christmas. I thought I'd cheer myself up with a trawl through the Internet to find some inspirational blogs, craft items, e-books and music.

Before Christmas I was lucky enough to see the Mediaeval Baebes in concert at the Buxton Opera House, a small but charming venue that's well worth a visit.  They were of course brilliant and even my husband liked them, so needless to say, a couple of their Cd's found their way into my stocking this year. I thought I'd share their music with you as it's quite inspirational for all you Fae and fantasy lovers, and some of you might come to love their music as much as I do.

Another Fae inspired Internet delight worth checking out is the Etsy Fae Team's latest exhibition. With this collection of enchanted goodies, inspired by the frosty winter season, there is certainly plenty to keep all Fae and fantasy lovers happy.

The Fae team blog is also well worth a visit (and a follow) to keep up to date with all the updates and offers.

I also received a Kindle for Christmas so I am catching up with the rest of the world and entering a new literary phase...reading eBooks. Some of these will make their way on to this blog very soon so keep your eyes peeled for reviews and recommendations.

Also, coming soon.... a whole host of Etsy treasuries, The Life Of A Painting - blog posts recording the stages of my painting and some folklore inspired features ready for spring.

Hope you enjoy some of the links I've shared and remember you can always follow my blog for updates and coupon offers.  You can now subscribe by email so you don't miss updates. You will find the email box at the top left of my blog page.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year! 

Tuesday 25 October 2011

It's SALE time!

I am currently promoting my autumn sale in the run up to Christmas.  I am due to relocate my studio space soon and much as I'd like to take some of the artwork and originals with me, I'm downsizing.  I will have quite a few of my original acrylic/collage paintings up for sale...some of which are quite large.  Most of the art will be listed in my Etsy shop, some of which I will feature here on my blog.  All the boxes, prints, cards etc are also in the 50% offer throughout Oct/Nov or until I sell out, so check out my direct shop link here.
   All you need is the Etsy coupon code SPIRALMOON50, which you enter when purchasing any item in my shop here.

Keep your eyes peeled for new listings over the next couple of weeks.

Friday 14 October 2011

New print sizes and updates

I have finally found a printing paper that I'm happy with and this week will be listing a fuller range of 10 x 8 inch prints on my Etsy shop.  The paper is a nice textured archival paper by Somerset that gives the print a look of an original watercolour.  It's also a professional paper that keeps the colours looking bright so fading is minimal.  It's worth keeping an eye out for some new images that will be available soon as well as original paintings.  There will be more keepsake and jewelery boxes too, so there's plenty to choose from for Christmas.

I will be taking custom orders from this week, so if you are after anything in time for the festive season make sure you order early to allow for posting.

Spiral Moon also has a new portfolio website which you can subscribe to.  This will have all my links, shops, events, galleries and general updates over the next month or so...oh and keep your eyes peeled for the seasonal giveaway - details of which will be coming this month.

If you like the artwork and want to keep up to date with new work or giveaways, you can follow the blog here, the website or join my Twitter and Facebook pages.

New site -

Have a colourful and enchanted Autumn and Fall xxx

Tuesday 23 August 2011

The Spell Of The Sirens


Although Sirens are often associated with mermaids and undines, the myth finds it's origins in ancient Greece. There, Sirens were depicted as island dwelling bird maidens that used their enchanting songs to lure unsuspecting sailors to their deaths. As time passed Sirens transformed into beautiful enchantresses. They developed fins and tails and merged with the mermaid myth that we know and love today.


In the Greek saga The Odyssey, Odysseus, taking the advice of a witch, urged his men to plug their ears with beeswax before venturing into the dangerous waters ruled by Poseidon.  Odysseus himself wished to hear the beautiful Siren's song and ordered his men bind him to the mast so he could not be drawn in by their enchantment. It worked.  However, when Odysseus heard their voices he was seduced and driven temporally mad. While he strained at his bindings, the Sirens swam around the boat.  Unaffected, his men were able to guide the ship to safety.  In the end they survived the ordeal that had claimed so many sailors before them.  


The Etsy Fae Team has taken inspiration from the myth of the Sirens and created the new exhibition Siren Song. As part of the collaboration they share their inspirations and imagination, displaying art, craft and gift ware from their own shops.

All links for their work can be found on the exhibition page here.  You can also find links for the pictures I have featured in my blog.

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Sunday 1 May 2011

The Magic Of May

At the beginning of April I had every intention of posting on my blog several times a month. However, with art work and establishing my kitchen and apothecary garden I have been a little distracted. I am planning to (work permitting)  post regularly on the subject of the garden as this will, over time, be contributing to my shop in the form of natural home grown plants that will be used in my balms,soaps and brews.  I am hoping this will eventually make a more authentic product.  I am also working on a little experiment in lunar gardening. I'm not sure how this will progress - but it will be an interesting time... improving the condition of the plants, the growth time and the potency so that the beauty products will be the best that I can make them.

In the meantime I am turning my attention back to the web and updating the shops,sites and blog posts.

Well May is finally here! It has to be one of my favourite times of year. A time of anticipation and excitement.
The greenwood is at its freshest - dazzling us with an array of vibrant green hues before the summer heat begins to wilt the leaves. The colours are delicate and cool with my favourite flower bluebells carpeting the woodland floors and turning them to a sea of blue.

May also has some of the most powerful symbolism of the year. Anything that represents fertility is as important for us today as it was for ancient peoples.  Of course fertility is vital for life - for the crops, for animals and for us and we still celebrate it with May Day or Beltane as it is know in the pagan/Wicca world.
We have all experienced some kind of symbolism around the bank holiday!  I remember Maypoles in my village and the traditional choosing of the May Queen -  the Maypole representing the sexual union between man and woman.
In symbolism, the God joins the Goddess ( who has now taken on the role of mother and giver of life) in marriage. ( The Great Rite).  They are equal!

Many people choose to renew wedding vows at this time of year or take part in a handfasting, an ancient ceremony that binds two people together for a given length of time - such as for a year and a day or for life.  This ritual is the origin of the saying tying the knot.

Oh but do be careful what you wish for's also a time when the spirits and Fae folk are at their most mischievous.  They take great pleasure in playing tricks on us unfortunate mortals!

So with all these customs and playfulness and with the nights still getting lighter as we edge closer to Midsummer how could you not love magical May.

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Monday 11 April 2011

Team Handmade UK - Home Is Where The Heart Is

Team Handmade UK

This is my second showcase of the year and I have decided to feature a new group of artists and crafters that are all UK based. It's a group set up by Pepper Pi  ( you can find her shop link below )  that is entirely independent of any online shop - though everyone sells through some kind of shop such as Etsy or Folksy. The aim of the group (of which I am a part) is to promote each others work and provide much needed support and advice for those of us who spend a lot of time selling online and don't always have the chance to meet people face to face.

I have handpicked a few items to give you a flavour of what we all do. There is such a diversity of styles and products that I'm sure anyone reading this blog will find something inspirational. All the pictures have links to the artists shops and you can also find the team link for the blog at the top of this feature.

Hope you like my selection and remember if you like the features in my blog you can follow me or comment.

Alison Moore Designs

Tinkan Designs

Little Wren Pottery

Sally Holt

Pepper Pi Pals

Friday 25 February 2011

Curiouser and Curiouser Creatures - Feb/March Fae Team Exhibition

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice...well Alice really did meet some weird and wonderful creatures in her adventures.  Here in our little magical realm of Fae we have gathered an array of curious creatures that will delight and instill a sense of wonder and magic.
Take a trip through the Fae Team looking glass and feast your eyes on Etsy's fantasy artists - here you will find links to blogs, shops and all manner of enchantment...

For the full exhibition click on the link above. You can also click on the links for each of the following shops for their own listings. :)

Here's a little taster of what's in store...

One of my own boxes too - The Ravens Secret

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